Edmund Teh

Ello (iOS Concept)

Ello is a rapidly growing social network that’s completely ad-free with no user data collection. As a design exercise, I set out to create an iOS app concept, which is currently in the pipeline of their feature list. The challenge for me here was to design an app for the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ resolutions.

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Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
Home Feed screen on the iPhone 6 & 6+

Please note: this is a completely unsolicited design. I know how much work goes into creating apps from concept to completion, and I don’t want to take anything away from Ello’s current designers. This is simply my interpretation of what I would want an Ello iOS app to look like.

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Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
Sketch & InVision

I designed all screens using Sketch and created a very basic prototype to emulate scrolling using InVision.

Image of Ello (iOS Concept)
My Profile screen on the iPhone 6 & 6+