Edmund Teh

Kingdom of Thrones

Kingdom of Thrones is a mass multiplayer social game on Facebook that combines empire building, RPG elements, real-time strategy, and a continually evolving live world map. It was developed in 2O13 by a small team at Kano/Apps.

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Image of Kingdom of Thrones
Artwork by: Jose Brand

I designed the full branding of Kingdom of Thrones, in collaboration with Jose Brand.

Image of Kingdom of Thrones
World Map View & Harvest Pop-up Menu

My main role in creating the game involved wireframing and designing the UI/UX for virtually every feature. I primarily worked using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and many of the apps in the Google Drive suite.

Image of Kingdom of Thrones
Castle View & Archery Range Pop-up Menu

The game went through several iterations to many of the core features and even a complete redesign of all of the in-game art assets and UI. But it was built in the span of only a few months by an extremely talented and agile team.

Image of Kingdom of Thrones
Battle View

Other tasks I undertook included user-testing, asset production, and designing marketing materials.

Image of Kingdom of Thrones
Battle Results View

One of the highlight promotional items I designed was a 6 foot banner that was used at many tradeshows and conferences.

Image of Kingdom of Thrones
Artwork by: Jose Brand

Jose Brand — Art direction
Grady Mitchell — Creative content
Dave Freeman — Development
Will Beange — Development
Loren Stewart — Development & project management
Eric Haight — Project management