Edmund Teh

Lower Pandora

Lower Pandora is a loose collective of musicians, artists, photographers, writers, and designers. It existed from 2O1O to 2O12 and stemmed from the residents and mainstays of an apartment on the lower block of Pandora St. in Victoria, BC.

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Image of Lower Pandora

In 2O12, I was tasked with designing the full branding for Lower Pandora or LOPAN, under the creative direction of Guy Ferguson. The concept involved combining a hashtag and an 'L' and a 'P' together as harmoniously as possible.

Image of Lower Pandora
Artwork by: Lukas Behrndt

Hyperlinx is a self-titled album that was released in 2O12 from Lower Pandora member Young Braised and producer Full Function. I handled the type design and layout of the album art under the creative direction of Jaymes Bowman. Artwork was done by Lower Pandora member Lukas Behrndt.

Image of Lower Pandora
'Lower Pandora' T-Shirt: Purchase here
Image of Lower Pandora
Lopan.co Handbill & lowerpandora.com

In 2O14, Guy and I co-founded Lower Pandora Consignment, an online store focused on contemporary mens clothing. The store uses a fully customized and responsive theme by Pixel Union on Shopify. Front-end development was done by Maria Konstantinov.

Image of Lower Pandora
Image of Lower Pandora

Guy Ferguson — Creative direction
Lukas Behrndt — Art direction
Jaymes Bowman — Design strategy
Maria Konstantinov — Front-end development
Andy Larkin — Botanical & creative support